The Hindu God of Traffic Safety
Belling the Fake News Cat
India's Urban Growth and Climate Change
 For The Times of India.
Air Jugaad
The Sanity of Print
 For the Times of India
Aadhaar Baby
Animal Pastries
The Maharana of Udaipur
Fringe on the Flower
Love is a Train Wreck
Rohingya at the Door
Modi and the Cult of Demonetization
The Populist Wave
The Indian Tweedles
Nest of Economists
The National Anthem
The Unaccountable Elite
The Mumbai Floods
A BiPolar World
Replacing the Bulb
The Two Pyramids
Mob Rules
Cracks in the Foundation
Favorite Books
Sleep Myths
Chapatis in the Trenches
The Nizamuddin Shrine
Railway Dreaming
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